Student Schedule- March 14

   8:30-9:10am:  Check-in & Visit with Exhibitors (Atrium)

   9:10-9:20am:  Welcome  (Atrium)

   9:30-11:00am:  Exploratory Session 1

   11:00-11:30am:  Networking Challenge with Exhibitors (Atrium)

   11:30am-12:30pm: Keynote Luncheon(Great Hall)

   12:45-2:15pm:  Exploratory Session 2

   *Students complete & turn in surveys/door prize entries*

    2:30pm:  Closing Remarks (Door Prizes) (Atrium)

Read more to see the Student Exploratory Sessions  that were offered at last year's Summit! (Exploratory Session information for 2019 will be posted on Februrary 13th.)

Student Exploratory Sesssions


Participants will learn about coding from the TEALS teacher and students from Bluestone High School.

Amanda Bowen & TEALS Students: Matthew Condecido, Edenilson Gonzalez, Alissa Hardison, Jared Ledja, & Hunter Pulley

Mecklenburg County Public Schools TEALS

Earthquake Design Challenge

Students will design and build structures to test on our Earthquake Shake Table. Our shake table is able to simulate all magnitudes of Earthquakes as well as Armageddon magnitude asteroid collisions. Test your skills against our machine!

Jill Collins, Tommie Evans, & Jacob Taylor

STEM Academy, Pittsylvania County Public Schools

Finches & Coding & 3D OH MY!!

Introduction to basic computer programming using Scratch and Tinkercad. Students will also experience an extension of Scratch using the finch robot.

Brenna Takata & Susan Franklin Smith

Pittsylvania County Public Schools

Fly Tying into Biology

Students will be introduced to the concept of fly tying. Fly tying is an art that seeks to produce lures that simulate prey and stimulate the predatory instinct of fish. An understanding of the role of aquatic predator/prey relationships will give students an introduction to the discipline of wildlife biology.

Anthony Pasciuta, Jr.

Halifax County High School STEM Academy

Fruit Tree Grafting & Small Scale Orchards

This session is 1 part survey and 2 parts hands-on activity. We'll survey innovative farm practices in the US, Australia, and Africa today. You'll receive a short overview of fruit tree production and the history of heritage varieties. Then we physically graft some trees for participants to take home; share the trees adn eventual fruit with your friends and family!

Ben Capozzi

Elmwood Farm

Gravity Cruiser

Student teams design and construct a vehicle that is powered by gravity. A weighted lever connected to an axle by string rotates on its fulcrum; as the weight descends it causes the axle attached to the string to rotate, propelling the cruiser forward. Concepts explored include potential and kinetic energy, friction, inertia, momentum, diameter, circumference, measurement, graphing, and constructing a prototype.

Helen Howell, Dustin Staples, & Julian Vaughn

National Society of Black Engineers

A Hot and Cool Lab: Investigating Phase Changes of Water

Students will investigate the scientific misconception that there is an increase or decrease in temperature during phase changes. Scientific measurement will include collecting temperature data using thermometer probe ware, valid conclusions after analyzing the data, and research methods to investigate and apply these investigations to solve practical problems and questions. The investigation will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning and logic as water changes into different phases and use the data to explain phenomena. The planning of investigation and conducting the investigation will include the nature of science as we apply the concepts of endothermic, exothermic, kinetic and potential energy during this physical change of matter.

Lillie Small

Danville City Public Schools


Innovating the Future: Learning to Code with the TI-Innovator Hub

In this session, students will be learning the basics of coding with Texas Instruments technology and how they can apply this coding in the real world. After a few basics coding activities on the TI-Nspire CX handheld, students will learn to program on the TI-Innovator Hub. They will create music, mood lamps, and run motors. Even though there is a limit on our time in this session, there is no limit to what the students will be able to accomplish once they get a taste of coding on the HUB!

Jamila Gadsden & Daniel Wilkie

Texas Instruments


Students will explore the use of simulators in nursing and how to practice nursing skills safely.

 Pam Cornell

Danville Community College- Nursing

Polymers & Plastics, What Exactly Are They?

Ever wonder what happens to a polymer when intorduced to liquid nitrogen?... Or just what makes slime?... Students will have a hands on experience with polymers and plastics. They will learn about the properties of various polymers, how they are processed, and where they can find them in everyday life.

Dr. Jeremy Beach & Amy Turner

the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research

Programmable Controller

Students will have the opportunity to complete the partial program for a Siemens programmable logic controller that will operate an electrical motor.
This is done to simulate an industrial control environment and what it takes to make equipment work.

Ricky B Gordon & Will Soyars

Southern Virginia Higher Education Center

Remote Pilot 101: Drone Technology and Danville

The purpose of this session is to explore the uses of drone technology in various industries, to learn how drones are being used in our region to support industry, and to highlight future events in Danville that will use drones as training tools for the workforce. Students will learn the basics of drone flying, and participate in a virtual drone racing league workshop.

Samantha Smith-Herndon & Daniel Caccavelli

the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research

Translating Science

Sometimes it seems like scientists are speaking a completely different language. It is a language that is completely inaccessible to layman, but comprehensible to other scientists. Researchers go to school for years to learn the secrets of the language. Any scientific organization needs an interpreter to help the public understand their research. In this session, you will learn how to unpack a scientific article efficiently (without even reading it all) and explain the material in a way anyone can understand.

Christopher Pantazis & Kristin Pantazis

Danville Community College


Lead an Exploratory Session

Are you a teacher, informal educator, or a STEM-H professional passionate about sharing your field with young people?

Consider leading an exploratory session!

These ninety minute sessions are offered twice and present a hands-on challenge, problem, or activity that provides an overview of a STEM-H field. Attending high school students select two sessions to attend during the event.


The 2018 SOVA STEM-H Education & Industry Achievement awards recognized nominees in four categories:

  • Community Champion for STEM-H Education
  • STEM-H Educator of the Year
  • Innovative STEM-H Program of the Year
  • Elite STEM-H Education & Industry Partnership Award

Sponsors & Exhibitors

This event would be impossible without the generosity & support of our sponsors. Sponsorship donations allow us to offer this wonderful program to our regional students completely free of charge. Please consider showing your support of STEM-H education by becoming a sponsor of the 2019 Summit.

If your organization supports students in STEM-H we hope you'll consider participating in this year's event as an Exhibitor. Exhibitors are welcome and highly encouraged to present.